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Welcome to the RMG's drawing page!

Sadly you cannot partake in this activity as the device you are one has to small of a screen to properly support it. Please come back later on a larger device. In the meantime, you can check out some of the other art people have created in the link below.



When Jock Macdonald wanted to draw, he would allow his mind to wander, often not even looking at the page. Afterwards, he would look at what he did and add more details. He called these abstract artworks “Automatics”.


Draw like Jock

  • Select “Conceal Mode” to hide your drawing from view.
  • Allow your mind to wander and draw an abstract picture. Experiment with a variety of brushes and colours.
  • Select “Conceal Mode” again to show what you have created.
  • Complete your drawing by adding colour and details, and see if you can find strange faces or animals hidden in your drawing.
  • Share your drawing in our online gallery!